How to transport construction products

Construction often occurs in different cities, and it also happens that the materials have to be taken almost through all of Europe and Russia.

In this case, the question is where to buy a certificate of dope, t. e. permission to remove dangerous goods, becomes more than ever relevant. The mentioned license confirming the fact that the car has passed the inspection, and the driver – the course of training is valid for five years. It is issued within a few weeks, but there is also the opportunity to get it in an abbreviated time for an increased fee.

Dopog is required only if harmful construction mixtures, pistols, cartridges, flammable liquids, toxic and radioactive materials are transported. A rare cargo is also considered a rare material of kimberlite. The list of such cargo is in the rules of the dopation that must be studied. If what you transport is on this list, when crossing the border, you will definitely need a resolution. They can stop just on the road if the cargo seemed suspicious or police officers were interested in marking cargo. Когда разрешения нет, то возможны штрафы либо (в особых случаях) лишение права перевозки опасных грузов на определенный срок и водительских прав. Both a driver and a forwarder can fall under sanctions (in the event that he accompanies the cargo).

To prevent this from happening, it is easier to order a dope on the Internet in advance. To do this, it will be necessary to provide the intermediary company with its data (passport, driver’s license, etc.) and wait a few days. If there is a desire, you can attend the training course of the rules of the ass and pass certification in the usual order. This will take more time, but the driver will know how to behave in case of fire, accidents and other troubles on the roads. Keep in mind that building materials can be no less dangerous cargo than gasoline or gas, so knowledge of safety precautions in any case will not hurt you.