Ideal cocktail: tighten well and pull better

The roof is one of the most important elements of our house, because it is she who protects us from everything that the heavens kindly give us. Remember how most often they say? “Everyone should have a roof over his head!”So it is important that all the components of this very roof are strong and reliable.

What is the “roof over your head” of a modern person? This is a roof with all its fasteners, coating and other elements, and also … ceiling.

If it seems to you that the ceiling is a bucket of paint, a little putty, a stepladder and half a day of work, then you are wrong. The fact is that it is precisely on the ceiling that how quickly the heated or chilled room will lose the temperature, exchanging thermal energy with the external environment, how easy it will be to penetrate the moisture, etc. D. Therefore, you should not discard the thoughts of various “complex structures” of the ceiling like hanging, stretch ceilings, etc. D. When you return to these thoughts, study all the features of each structure and choose exactly what will best be compiled with your wishes and an existing roof.

We advise you to pay special attention to the stretch ceiling. This design is attractive from the point of view that it does not create additional stress on the roof design, because all the mounts are on the walls designed for a large load. This will be able to appreciate the houses of glued beam. In this case, the material from which the ceiling will be made can be selected from a wide range – from wood and plastic to glass and mirror. That is, you are not limited either in finance or creativity. But in the latter, you will be given complete freedom at all, because the appearance of the ceiling can be very diverse – multi -level, embossed, even, multi -colored, etc. D.

In a word, choose and do not forget about the priorities – it is not for nothing that repairs are made in the direction from top to bottom, is it not so?