Installation is the installation of a new metal -plastic window in the window opening

After the installers released old wooden windows from there, this is a completely engaging in installers, but still you must observe vigilance. Your task is only to monitor the literacy of their work, and if you know the necessary amount of information, then this will not be much work. To make sure of this, at a glance, it is possible, but this is not always enough. By the look, you can verify the aesthetic beauty and completeness of your future plastic windows, and in several other factors, but as at the expense of the inner shell of the window. Indeed, at the end of the work, no one will open the entire structure in order to convince you that all the details are on the spot, the insulations are laid, that all the details are on the spot. But still in some, in addition to aesthetic factors, you can also make sure. At the end of all the work, it is worth making sure that the mounting foam does not stick out where there are no gaps. The fact that there are no cracks in anywhere quite simply: you should draw a hand throughout your new structure, if there is a gap somewhere, then an air flow will flow through it and you will immediately feel it. Also, you need to make sure that: all mounting seams are closed, the profile and double -glazed window are not scratched, that there are no part of foam or other building materials on the windowsill or on which part of your new plastic structure. If all this is true, then I congratulate! Your new plastic window is well installed.

Nevertheless, no matter how much we would like, but one cannot be completely sure that we made the right choice, because an ordinary person is not enlightened in all the subtleties of a window business. Sometimes the errors of the installers are detected only after some period of time. But still, from all of the above words you should not be scared. A variety of errors of installers do not happen so often, rather even better to say: extremely rare. If you are absolutely convinced of the qualification of the company you have chosen, then you must be sure of the quality of the metal -plastic window.