Installation of the front door yourself

If you want to change your front door without any help, you should know that this is fraught with a loss of warranty, since you have not entrusted its installation to the manufacturer or intermediary company. When installing yourself, you need to be very careful and perform all operations, since subsequently, if the door is improperly installed, you may have problems with the operation of the door. But even if you decide to entrust the installation of the door to professionals, you still should control each step of their step.

So, when independently installing the front door, you first need to get rid of the old door. To do this, open the door at right angles and remove it from the loops with a crowbar or screwdriver. Then we disassemble the box itself: we pull out all the nails, bolts and saw its side parts, and then remove it.

You must keep in mind that steel doors are the most reliable option, however, when dismantling a steel door, you will have to freeze a lot. There are several options for mounting the front door. You can install the door using special installation plates, which are installed on the base of the doorway from the inside. In this case, the door will be at the same level with the basis.

The second method includes fastening the door frame using special anchor bolts, which must be inserted into the openings of the box. In this case, the door will be “drowned” in the wall. However, if the walls are thin, then it is better to refuse this method, since in case of hacking, criminals can simply pull the door out of the box and easily get inside. After installing the door with this method, anchor bolts are masked using plastic plugs of identical color.