Interior design – art parquet as an element of decoration

At the present time, much attention is paid to the interior of the premises. More and more often there is a desire to find a unique and unique solution in design. Naturally, the finishing of the floor covering plays an important role in creating the interior. All competent interior designers are familiar with the concept of “artistic parquet”, because this is an opportunity to realize many fantasies and ideas into reality. The opinion may be erroneous that such a decision is in the finish of the flooring – the innovation. Indeed, from the 12th century, art parquet has been used in the interiors of European castles.

Most often, various woody rocks are the initial material for artistic parquet, both traditional (oak, ash, beech and birch), and exotic types of wood are used. However, there are options in which wood is used along with metal inserts, from stones and mother of pearl. This is a painstaking and expensive job, which not every specialist working in this area will take up.

The preparatory period in the manufacture of art parquet is interesting to its design. At this stage, it is possible to choose a classic ornamental or mosaic composition, as well as, as an option, to create a unique pattern of future parquet. Specialists will not make it difficult to realize any even very bold fantasy into reality, be it a reproduction of a picture of a beloved painter or a portrait of housing owners. Everyone can choose a unique combination of borders, edging, decors and medallions, which makes a separate art parquet unique. Color scheme, wood rocks, decorative elements – artistic parquet requires a lot of attention and creativity.

Parquet manufacturing technology is carried out in two stages: this is directly the manufacture of composite parts at the factory, and then the stage of final fitting at the place of installation. Do not underestimate the qualifications of the collector of the package, because this is a very subtle and painstaking work.

Artistic parquet is a unique element of the decor of the room, which can make everyone get enthusiastic.