small bathroom design

If your bathroom is small in size, but you want a passion as you want to change it, then we immediately want to warn you that this business is not a simple and quite costly. To minimize possible cash losses, we will help you create a small bathroom interior design. We will consider the option with a separate bathroom.

Usually in small bathrooms, except for the bathroom itself and there is nothing and there is nothing. But even in this case, the space must be organized in such a way that the room becomes cozy and comfortable. For this, first of all, all pipes should be removed under drywall. Next, you can build two niches. One, directly under the bathroom, will have doors with departments for storing various small, but necessary things in the bathroom. Another niche should be on the wall. A mirror and shelves will be installed in it.

It is better to select plumbing in such a way that it does not break out of standard sizes. True, with respect to the sink, you can deviate from this rule. It can be ergonomic. Also, do not forget about the restoration and enameling of the bathtub so that it also looks like new. Our company provides you with its services for the qualitative restoration of old baths, which after enamel will look no worse than a new one and will last for many more years.

It is better to choose light tones in the bathroom decoration, as this will visually increase the space. The perfect option would be blue. It is better to use ceramic tiles as a material. And the last, do not try to create any compositions from the tiles, since they will dominate the interior, which will ultimately spoil the impression of design.