Introscope Astrophysics XIS 1080D.

The fight against terrorism includes many directions, one of which is the use of special equipment for inspection of all types of baggage and cargo. These include the Astrophysics XIS 1080D introducing.

From the midst of the remaining introoscopes it is highlighted by the generator established on top and a large number of main and additional functions. The former are built into it by default, the latter can be purchased additionally.

Introscope Astrophysics XIS 1080D – you can use it wherever mass transportation of goods: in the buildings of stations, sea and river ports, airports, etc. D. The technique allows you to conduct a standard or volumetric baggage inspection.

The basic capabilities of equipment:

The image of the object represents it in six colors. Each color is responsible for density and atomic number.

The image can be increased by 9 areas.

You can consider the picture, both in color and in black and white.

You can enter up to fifty thousand pictures into the archive.

You can add an appropriate comment to each picture.

You can manage the image in real time.

A special program allows you to train staff to work with this type of introoscope.

Image printing is carried out using a connected printer.

All objects into the image are immediately divided into categories: organicism and inorganic.

The full list can be found by studying technical documentation. Additional opportunities allow you to choose the appearance of the device, a model that optimally operates in a particular climatic zone, an extended archive, and even equipment allows you to control the vigilance of operators.