Low -rise apartment buildings

In July, last year, the head of the Russian government Vladimir Putin during a visiting meeting in the satellite city, the new Stupino noted that low-rise buildings are now very important. As he said, the development in the low -rise microdistrict of the residential complex is not only really affordable housing, because the cost of this real estate is initially much lower than the cost, but also a new format of personal space. In addition, the prime minister was attributed to the fact that the implementation of such projects was possible in all areas of the country (to learn how to develop a new unique strategy for sales of complex products focused on the medium and long-term perspective on the site), regardless of the relief of the territory and the implementation of climatic conditions.

Having decided to expand Moscow, the capital of the capital also expected that these territories would be formed as a low -rise image and likeness of European suburbs. But, according to Dmitry Tsvetkov, director in the Penny Lane Realty suburban real estate department, there is a rather high probability that such plans will not be realized. “The most cheap in our region will build industrial houses, and it is for this reason that all previously declared projects for low -rise buildings have turned into multi -storey buildings. I believe that new microdistricts in the style of Kurkino will appear in the annexed territories, with townhouses and multi -storey buildings. The capital is interesting to build multi -storey housing, thereby solving the problem of immigrants, ”said Dmitry Tsvetkov. But experts emphasize that if plans regarding the low -rise buildings of the “new” Moscow will be fulfilled, then there will be an opportunity to talk about a rational, as well as a thoughtful scenario for the development of new territories.