Mask will fight forces on Interstate-405

The head of Tesla Motor Elon Musk is ready to allocate funds from his pocket to restore the Los Angeles highway 405. All because the end of the expansion of the road is delayed all the time. The current date of completion of the project is the fall of next year.

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According to LA Times, during the expansion of the road, the cost of the project increased by one hundred million dollars. As for the deadlines for the completion of the project, they were delayed for a year. Elon Musk, a billionaire from America, told reporters that vagaries on this road were reminiscent of torture. He also does not understand why people do not walk on this highway on foot.

He said that he was harder to get to work from home than to launch a rocket. It is necessary to do a hundred with this, and the billionaire is not even sorry for the characteristic money, if only the road was completely open.

According to experts, malfunctions in the implementation of the project are due to the unscrupulous work of contractors, as well as a deficit in financing. The billionaire expressed his readiness to pay additional employees from his pocket, if only the expansion of the road ended faster.

As you know, the Interstate-405 highway is the most lively in the States and the most loaded in South California. It goes around Los Angeles, leaking between the coast and the city itself. According to some information, on one section of this road during peak hours in traffic jams, up to several tens of thousands of cars are found in traffic jams. It is difficult to imagine how much time it takes for all these cars to part in their directions.

Elon Musk is an engineer and entrepreneur. He is engaged in the construction of electric cars, as well as developments in the field of space and information technology. According to film director John Favro, Musk is the real image of Tony Stark, who is the main character of the Iron Man film.