Low -rise construction: DIY Septic tank

The device of the septic tank on the site adjacent to the house can be performed with your own hands, but this requires a large amount of earthwork. It should be borne in mind that the septic tank can consist of two or more chambers, and the principle of its operation is based on the cleaning of wastewater with steps: in the first chamber, sown larger and heavy particles is carried out, in the following subsequent cleaning and splitting of organic components into simple compounds is carried out. The last chamber (or filter well) is designed to drain purified water into the ground or the nearest reservoir. It should be noted that all cameras (with the exception of the latter) should be sealed and located in such a way as to ensure natural transfusion of water from one chamber to another.

When choosing a place for placing a septic tank, it should be borne in mind that the minimum distance to the foundation of the winter country house should be 6 m, but you should not place the septic tank far from the inner sewage. If the septic tank should be set to a depth exceeding the level of groundwater or less than the depth of freezing of the soil, it is necessary to provide additional protection of the walls (hydraulic and thermal insulation). Septic tank chambers can be made of monolithic concrete, ready reinforced concrete rings, bricks or special plastic tanks. After the trenches are arranged under the pipes and the pit under the septic tank, the installation of rings (containers) or formwork for concreting is installed. When the installation process of the cameras is completed, the upper part of the septic tank (cameras) must be closed with lids in which it is advisable to provide viewing hatches.