Low -rise construction: laying roofing profiles

The device of roofs from profiled steel sheets is a fairly simple process, but requiring compliance with some recommendations. It should be noted that corrugated board can be put as a replacement of the old roof (in this case, old rafters are used) or during the construction of a new building with a new roof. It is worth noting that during construction you will need shock keys that you can buy at a favorable price.

The device of the crate and laying of the sheets will be carried out in a certain way, which depends on the height of the profile and the angle of inclination of the roof.

If the slope of the roof is less than 15 degrees, or the profile has a height of 20 mm, the crate is recommended to be performed continuous, and the sheets should be laid in the longitudinal direction with an overlap of at least two rowers, and in a transverse with an overlap at least 200 mm.

When using sheets that have a 35 mm profile height, or roof covering with an angle of tilt up to 25 degrees, the launder step should be taken 300 mm or less, and the sheets are overlapped on one crest in the longitudinal direction and at least 150 mm in the transverse.

If the profile height is 44 mm or the angle of the roof tilt is more than 25 degrees, the crate’s step should be about 400 mm, and the sheets should be overlapped and 100-150 mm in the longitudinal and transverse compound, respectively, respectively.

The fastening of profiled sheets to the crate should be carried out with special self -tapping screws with neoprene gasket. At the same time, the attachment places should be located in the profile hollows (for example, at the slate, on the contrary, the mount is placed on the crest).