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An example of a modern settlement with the highest class of comfort is the latest cottage village “Gorki Golf Cursor” in the Leningrad Region, built in the Golf -Dacha style – around the golf field for golf.

Life in the village will like all fans of this sport. It is assumed that every resident will contribute to the development of the traditions of the elite game and popularize the Golfv of Russia.

The advantages of Gorki include primarily innovation: the village is the first in the history of the northern capital of a Scottish golf club with a championship field for 18 holes. The settlement is 40 kilometers from St. Petersburg on Tallinn highway. Its location allows you to quickly reach outlets, business centers, educational and medical institutions and other social infrastructure facilities.

Gorki village guarantees a high level of comfortable life, developed infrastructure. The services of residents and guests will be a sports center with a pool, a football field, children’s sites, services for communal, cleaning and other services.

The leadership of the village promises a high level of environmental safety – the emphasis is on the preservation of the natural type of environment. The residential complex, including infrastructure details, is built using energy -saving technologies and compliance with all current environmental standards (good, the price of URSU and other heat -shielding materials allow you not to save on this).

The project is characterized by investment attractiveness. Real estate prices, including in St. Petersburg, are growing stably, so housing in an erecting village can be resold at a higher price.

Gorki Golf Court is a cottage village in Golf -Dacha style. You can choose either a ready -made house or build a cottage on an individual project agreed with the architect.

Cottages in the village are comfortable, modern suburban two -story houses. All of them differ in area, cost and architectural nuances, but are made in the same style.