Mass manufacture of standard heads

Simplification is advisable because stamped spherical sheets with a thickness of 12 mm do not have sufficient distribution, subject to warp and lose their shape from shrinkage stresses when welding them to the sheet clip of the headman. This circumstance can significantly worsen the transfer of efforts through the joint, cause local crushing concrete and reduce the bearing capacity of the joint.

Based on the analysis of the construction and installation qualities of the joints, the following conclusions can be drawn.

1. For columns of a rectangular section, it is advisable to use joints with mixed transmission of efforts. Such joints provide convenience of installation and less steel is consumed on them.

2. For columns with a square section of up to 400×400 mm, you can use both joints with mixed transmission of effort and joints with concrete spherical headlines.

3. For columns with a square section of more than 400×400 mm, joints should be used only with a concrete spherical headlter, as the simplest and most reliable for transmitting great efforts.

It is advisable to organize the mass production of standard headlines by stamping or casting.

Fastening the column during installation should be carried out using inventory conductors, which allows us to simplify the design of the joint and reduce the cost of metal.

For the installation of columns on the construction of frame-panel houses in the area of ​​sand streets in Moscow, a mobile installation conductor is used. Three columns are simultaneously mounted using mobile conductors.

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