Materials for the manufacture of stairs

It is quite obvious that during the construction of a house, which will have more than one floor, you must definitely design the stairs. At the same time, it is important to take into account that in addition to its main function, which consists in ensuring the connection between levels, the staircase is also an important element of the interior. The choice of size, type, configuration and material of the stairs depends on the future interior style.

In their own houses, stairs can be made of wood, stone, metal, glass, ceramics and various combinations of these materials. Components for stairs are also very important, which can be purchased in the online store.

Most often, stairs are made of wood, and it can be both familiar pine and birch, as well as the most exotic breeds. The interior using elements made of wood creates comfort and comfort in the house. However, wooden stairs have such a drawback as creaking steps. Stairs from this material need to be varnished in a timely manner or paint, in the room, in addition, there should be optimal temperature and humidity.

Stone stairs in their homes are not very often made, mainly in the elite houses of Big Square. The material has high strength and wear resistance, as well as various shades that fit into any interior.

The decoration of the house will be a staircase made of metal. It will serve for a very long time, and the metal can be combined with any other material. Forged stairs are especially beautiful, however, they are more expensive than ordinary. The stairs made of metal and glass are now considered the most original and stylish. Glass is used for steps, it is high -strength and multi -layer.