Materials for interior decoration

What kind of material to use for the interior decoration of the house depends on how the microclimate of the house depends on the weather outside. For example, if you, say, decided to make the interior decoration of his country house A, but he misses the cold and frost, rain, humidity, then the lunar decoration will not work for such a house, since it will all dare and begin to exfoliate. If your house is well isolated from external weather conditions, then for its decoration you can use all the materials designed to decorate the apartments.

For decoration of walls and partitions, experts recommend the use of sheet materials, such as plaster, wood-bearing plates, boards, or can also be used rolled materials, such as wallpaper, film, oilcloth. In order to glue dry plaster to the walls of brick, you can use gypsum dough or a mixture of construction gypsum. After this, the walls need to steal or stick them with wallpaper. In the same way, it is necessary to finish the ceiling.

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Boards can be made in two versions: horizontally and vertically. For its execution, cut -off and rogue boards of a variety of cross -section configurations are used, which are then covered with transparent varnish. Also, wood and steam plates are used to decorate ceilings, floors and walls.

They are installed as follows: if it is necessary to attach the plate to the wooden wall, then it is nailed with nails, and if to the brick wall, then it is attached along the frame, which should be previously formed from the slats. After the slabs are attached, they must be covered with a layer of transparent glyftal or pentinal varnish. Also, wood-fibrous slabs can be used for interior decoration, such plates should be covered with non-inflated colorful compounds.