Mineral wool – good insulation

Mineral wool consists of fibers. It is obtained by melting the rock. Metallurgical alloys and impurities are also raw materials for the manufacture of mineral wool.

Features of the material.

1. Resistance to fire. The basis are non -combustible silicate melts of the rock. High temperature does not affect this material, it is preserved in its original form. At your leisure, you can find out how to order glazing the balcony with a profile.

2. The material is resistant to aggressive environment. Not subjected to the appearance of fungi. Rodents do not spoil this material.

3. In the process of use, the material does not change its original qualities.

4. Mineral wool was produced in accordance with sanitary standards.

5. The material is characterized by a water -repellent effect that prevents moisture accumulation.

6. Has a high thermal resistance, which helps to reduce costs during repair work. Thermal conductivity directly depends on the chaotic direction of the fibers.

7. It has a high sound permeability.

8. The material is very durable and resistant to corrosion.

9. Mineral cotton wool is absolutely harmless to health.

10. The material is very easy to mount. You can easily give the necessary form.

eleven. 70 years – maximum use of.

Mineral wool is an indispensable material in construction: it is insulated with walls, ceilings, glass partitions. With the help of this material, high -temperature surfaces (pipelines, stoves) are isolated.

Having chosen mineral wool for insulation, you will save time and money.