Multi -zone air conditioning systems in construction

In large cities of Kazakhstan, there is an active construction of large multi -storey buildings, among them shopping centers, hotels, offices. Based on the size of the facility, the timing of construction and installation work, the architectural features of the facility, as well as the financial capabilities of the customer, the method of air conditioning is determined. There are several of the most acceptable air conditioning systems, it can be central air conditioning, a regular split system, water cooling systems, or multisonal systems. What way to give preference is decided at the stage of designing the air conditioning system.

A number of construction companies to ensure a comfortable microclimate of any facility use multisonal VRF systems. This is an innovative achievement of manufacturers of climatic technology, it is installed in large buildings, the area of ​​which is from one hundred to one hundred thousand square meters, with various types of interior. To achieve the most comfortable conditions for people in the air conditioned room, in each of them you can set an individual temperature regime.

Variable Refrigarantest Flow (VRF) means a variable stream of refrigerant and is a single system of pipelines, through which the cooling substance is circulated. VRF multisonal systems are capable of working in two modes, namely for heating and cooling the air in the room, while the change in the temperature regime occurs only in those rooms where it is necessary at a specific time.

The management of air conditioning systems is carried out using individual remote controls, as well as a centralized remote control. As a result, you can set an individual and general mode of operation of all internal blocks. Multizonal systems have a large resource of their service, it is about twenty years old.