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At the moment, various houses that are made of such material as bricks still remain popular among those people who appreciate somewhat more individual construction. That is why in the case when you order a specialized house made of brick, you most often order something more than just a house, and a real generic nest, which, believe me, will last more than one generation. This is due to the fact that at the moment it is difficult to find a material that would be more persistent and durable material than a simple brick. The choice of a project of a brick house indicates that you are thinking about your future, that you are a long -sighted person. In addition, it should be said that projects of brick houses are most often clean from an environmental point of view, and it must also be said that the walls that were made of such a material as brick are capable of breathing, which directly supports the house. A favorable temperature regime. At the moment, there are houses that are made not only from ceramic or silicate bricks, but also from porous ceramics. But, of course, such bricks will be by no means cheap, but still you can save a fairly large amount of money on them, because thanks to this type of bricks you can perfectly save on the heating of your house, as well as directly on soundproofing and heat -insulating materials, which , of course, will be able to recoup all your costs for building a house from a porous brick