Smooth flooring – beauty and convenience.

Today, a smooth floor covering – vinyl, linoleum or traffic jam – this is an attractive and popular look, ease of cleaning, has durability and wear resistance. And another important factor is a reasonable price. One of the largest surfaces in the room is the floor, it also significantly affects the overall interior of the room. I can’t help but rejoice varieties of smooth coatings, you can choose for every taste, color and wallet. Among them are linoleum, vinyl and cork, with a pattern and plain, in different style, with different texture – classic for parquet, which is suitable for the hall, or patterns with marble divorces, which will look great in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Any variant of such gender and from a practical point of view is an excellent option – it perfectly tolerates the intensive movement of modern family life. For active movement zones (kitchen, corridor) – this is the perfect coating. If you select a smooth coating for a bathroom or kitchen, you should definitely take into account increased moisture resistance and ease of cleaning. If you have chosen the floor – parquet and are interested in professional floor repairs – cycles, then see the information on Ciklevka -Pola -SPB. ru. Smooth floors for the bedroom or hall look at homely pleasant and warm. They can supplement and diversify the overall decor of the room with their texture and color, and in exceptional cases they themselves become a highlight and an original decorative detail. If you want to create a soft unobtrusive background, you should choose a plain material in restrained shades. Before buying a smooth coating, be sure to draw a room plan and determine the maximum length and width, mark the niches and alcoves. If you buy material in rolls, then decide how you will lay it – along or across. If there are joints, you need to choose the right picture. In this case, you should choose simpler types of coating – with a small pattern and light.