Smooth ring downs

The incisors of this selection are installed depending on the diameter of the ring downs; The section of the cutters and the diameter of the drill are selected in accordance with the thickness of the key and the diameter of the mowing bolt. The cartridge of the device is fixed in the spindle of the usual vertical-drilling machine. If you plan to purchase or sell goods abroad, then you may need the services of a customs broker, you can contact professionals here: you need a customs broker. The advantages of interfaces on smooth annular missions include the ability to mechanize the entire harvesting of structural elements and transfer it to production enterprises of construction. However, high requirements for the quality of timber and work, the failure of which, as proved by practice, can lead to serious accidents, limits the use of this type of conjugation in the main collapsible constructions. In all other cases, when the interfaces are performed on the ring downs, it is preferable to use gear range, which are whole (welded) toothed steel rings with a diameter of 60 to 220 mm, 25 mm wide and 1.5 mm thick. The interfaces on the gear-ring misses are performed by direct pressing of sharp teeth of the wraps into the wood without preliminary sampling of the ring tracks. During pressing the dumps, the structure is assembled on temporary mounting bolts, the diameter of which should be 2-3 mm less than the diameter of the holes for constant clack bolts. After squeezing the assembled design and fueling of Japanese women, temporary bolts are replaced by constant, under the heads and windings of which are laid special goals of large sizes than normal. The widespread spread of the gear-ring downs is prevented by the need to make them with a artisanal way; In addition, the receipt of a special shaped steel necessary for the manufacture of such dumps is also associated with difficulties. Since the compounds on the gear-ring dates are strongly upset with the asshole of wood, a dry forest should be used for structures on such gaps.