The main thing is the idea of ​​a project, not resources

Often, the idea is half the case. Exactly like a plan. After all, there would not be them, there would be no result. You can’t do something high-quality, not knowing what your next step will be. This applies to everything: cooking, music, construction, and so on. Not knowing the recipe – you will not cook soup. Not knowing notes – you will not play the symphony. Not knowing the project of the house – you will not build it. And it is about projects and houses that will be this article.

So, let’s say you wanted to build your own cottage, cottage, summer house – it does not matter. You already have building materials, workers, motivation, but what’s next? How to use these bricks and cement? What exactly to order workers? Just here we need a certain project of the house, according to which construction will be carried out.

“But where to get this very project?” – you ask. There are two ways: to make it yourself-which is not so simple, because not everyone can do this, or order the finished. Just about the second option, you will learn today.

I present to your attention the company “SP Integral-Project”. This company has been engaged in far from one year projects of a wide variety of buildings.

It is also worth noting that this company, thanks to extensive experience and good reputation, sets prices several times lower, relative to competitors. In addition, if you call the support service, a living person will tell you all the necessary information. No rudeness and answering machine. Only qualified, polite and competent assistance.

You can also find on the site in order to verify the professionalism of the company, somewhat ready, free projects. If you wish, you can try to build them, since they are not difficult, and personally see the quality of the projects.