Stretch ceilings for your home

Recently, stretch ceilings for the home have been particularly popular among a large number of people of our country. It is worth noting that such types of suspended ceilings appeared in early 1994 and were available only to rich people.

As the market has developed, foreign producers of suspended ceilings arrived in our country, so the prices of an order of magnitude decreased and became available for the middle class of our country. The benefit of installing such ceilings is obvious.

Stretch ceilings photos of various finished projects and existing types of suspended ceilings can be seen on the Internet or by contacting a company that provides similar services. In addition to choosing a project, you can combine the use of stretch ceilings with LED lighting, it turns out quite beautifully.

Firstly, they are much cheaper than other types of existing ceilings. Secondly, their installation is carried out quite quickly and efficiently.2-3 professional workers per day will be able to install a fairly large area.

In addition, stretch ceilings have high heat and noise -insulating properties. This is again quite worthy of plus for ceilings. Stretch ceilings are often used for installation in the kitchen, in bathrooms and toilet rooms. This is due to such a feature of a stretch ceiling as water resistance. In addition, if you are flooded from above, you are worried about repairs in the house, you should not if you have stretch ceilings for the apartment.

Highly installed stretch ceilings to hold about 100 liters of water for every square meter.