Bathroom stretch ceilings

The bathroom is a room where there is an increased level of humidity and small size of the space. Therefore, the number of materials suitable for decoration of bathrooms is significantly limited.

Neither drywall nor plaster is suitable for bathrooms. Usually use suspended rack ceilings, but there is another option – this is stretch ceilings. They have long known about them. Stretch ceilings Germany are the most effective, economical and simple option when decorating rooms with high humidity.

When buying suspended ceilings to the bathroom, you need to consider the following:

The ceiling itself must be resistant to moisture.

There should be the possibility of installing such ceilings in small rooms.

You need easy access to baked structures and elements that are in the ceiling space.

Easy access should also be provided for the installation of lamps, hoods, etc.

The ceiling should be without mold, divorces, subtexts, condensate and salt spots.

The material from which the ceiling is made should be environmentally friendly and safe.

The ceiling must be fire resistant.

When using ceilings, you can use any lighting options. Stretch ceilings are attached to both tiles and plastic panels and drywall, but here you need to know some requirements for the bases when installing such ceilings. All ceiling structures must be strong.

Stretch ceilings will make multi -level structures of various shades, any shapes, with a pattern or photo printing from an ordinary ceiling.