The foundation is the basis for any brick house

The basis of any home is the foundation. It is with it that the construction of any house begins. Since we are considering the construction of a brick house, a solution of cement will definitely be required. For its preparation, it is required, strictly observe the proportions. So you need to add to one bucket of cement, approximately six to eight buckets of Tyrsa or four to five buckets of sand. Water needs to be added depending on the desired composition of the solution. As a rule, in order to obtain the optimal composition of the cement mortar, it is necessary to add one or two bucket of water. In accordance with these proportions, the required amount of cement mortar is produced.

Then it is necessary to bring the solution directly to the masonry site. In order to reduce humidity inside the building under construction, it is recommended to make a small base that should rise to two to three stones, (40-60 cm). On top of the foundation, roofing ground is laid, and on it is a base. Next, the whole cavity is covered with clay. After the foundation was made, they start laying brick. Before the masonry itself, it is recommended to lay a roofing material on the entire surface of the base, and a cement mortar and brick on it are already on it. Masonry of brick, usually performed as follows. Brick begin to put from corners, making, while dressing. The gaps of brickwork are filled with cement mortar. The corners, as a rule, are raised to four to five rows, strictly in level or plumb. Further, between the 2 closest angles, the wall is laid. Having launched four rows, it is necessary to bandage them with transverse brickwork. Naturally, each new stone is laid on the previous one, on which, accordingly, a layer of solution is applied. When masonry bricks, it is recommended to moisten brick in water, and red brick should be impregnated with water until completely saturated, that is, until the air bubbles are released, and silicate or facing bricks only moisten.