Microcirculation functions of plastic windows

In the past, ventilation of the room occurred with the help of an open post. This is not too convenient, as it quickly cools the room, leads to the formation of drafts and colds. And in the winter season to open the window was not so simple. With the advent of modern plastic windows, the premises ventilation procedure has changed significantly. It was possible not only to open the window, and it was possible to fix the sash in various positions, as well as a special microvntilation system. Когда внутри стеклопакета имелись небольшие отверстия, позволяющие воздуху проникать внутрь помещения, и выводили отработанный кислород из комнаты. Moreover, ventilation is carried out in a compulsory manner.

I ventilation using microcirculation is carried out by installing the window sash in a certain position. The window itself is completely closed, so you can easily ventilate the room, and go about your business. The air from the street enters the room not directly through special ventilation holes, but pass through a special air. As the air duct passes, the air heats up, and all the noise is blocked by special seals. Therefore, you are completely eliminated from the whistle and noise characteristic of ventilation through direct -flow holes. All this makes the procedure for updating the air in the room completely silent and comfortable.

The use of the function of microvntiration of the room will become a real salvation for children’s rooms, where it is impossible to ventilate by airing, since there is a great chance of catching a child. And with the help of this option, you can easily ventilate the room even in the winter season.

This option, if it increases the cost of double -glazed windows, is inconsistent. Therefore, when purchasing windows, do not stir up for the presence of this extremely useful option. So you can always guarantee yourself fresh air in the room, and also get rid of the need to constantly open the wipes for ventilation of rooms.