The Germans will provide at home the future energy from seaweed

In Germany, as probably nowhere in Europe, concerned with the problem of environmental construction. The country has long been widespread at home, where wind or solar panels serve as a power source.

Recently, German architects have developed a completely new building project with an alternative source of energy. The house will “eat” from seaweed. A similar technology has not yet been used by any construction company in the world. The building is called BIQ.

The project was presented at the last exhibition of innovative construction in Hamburg. It is planned to bring it to life in 2014. The house is unique in that the so -called bioactive blinds filled with seaweed are located along the perimeter of its entire facade. Forged railing for stairs was also added to the project of such a house.

Each panel is a flat bioreactor. It created a special environment for the life support of algae. The bioreactor receives, saves, and then uses the energy released by plants. It is enough to provide all the needs of the building. Twal panels allow you to create an additional shadow in the rooms of the house.

The project of the environmental building was developed in close cooperation with Colt International and ARUP. Their experts, in fact, became developers of unique panels with algae.

The amount that will be spent on the construction of the eco -building is not yet disclosed. However, the authors of the idea boldly say that such structures after a detailed study can supplant other popular alternative energy sources due to their relatively low cost.