Using titanohypsum in the production of cement

At a number of domestic enterprises of the chemical industry, with a sulfuric acid decomposition of titanium -containing ores, a significant amount of, as a rule, unused gypsum waste, the so -called titanohypsum. For example, at the Chelyabinsk paint and varnish plant during the production of titanium white and other titanium compounds with sulfuric acid, a natural mineral is processed – Ilmenite and annually more than 120 thousand are obtained as a waste. T (on dry substance) titanohypsum, which after neutralization is dumped into a dump (into sludge). After defending waters, the material has a viscous state, which creates considerable difficulties for its transportation and use.

Studies were aimed at obtaining a titanohypsum in a granular form convenient for use and the use of cement grades in instead of natural gypsum as a regulator, as well as an intensifier of the process of firing clinker.

Titanohypsum differs significantly from natural gas with an increased iron content, which passes into it from Ilmenite. The total chemical composition of the dumpy titanohypsum of the Chelyabinsk paint and varnish plant is as follows (in %). Titanohypsum contains calcium sulfate in the form of dihydrate; The content of the insoluble CAS04 does not exceed 4%, and CAS03 – 3%. The main sulfates and iron hydraulic acids occupy the remaining 27-30%; Iron is present in titanohypsum mainly in the form of a hydrogel and the main iron sulfates, partly in the form of crystals.

To obtain titanohypsum in granular form, a technology was used, similar to a technology used at the Komsomol Sernoid Plant for drying and granulation of another variety of gypsum waste of the chemical industry – Borogips1. This technology consists in combining the processes of drying and granulation of the slum of titanohypsum in the drying and granulation drum. When drying with hot gas gas rods with a moisture content of 70% to the residual moisture of 10-15% and simultaneous diligent forms strong granules in size of 5-30 mm.