Study of the stiffness of the joints of the building

Therefore, the search for simplified methods is often conducted to determine the width of the longitudinal wall taken into account (analogue of the width of the shelf, taken into account per calculated, taurus stoves operating on bending), limited width of the strip, which, with a simplified calculation that does not take into account the exposure of the deformation during shifts, openings, for example, between the vertical joints of the panels (if they are quite stringent), you can replace the actual work of the entire longitudinal wall.

The width of the longitudinal walls, which is taken into account (shelf of a breakfast or channel profile, the wall of which forms a transverse, directly loaded wall), increases from the upper edge of the structure towards the foundations. It is almost impossible to derive general dependencies here, with sufficient accuracy, determining the functions of Shirin, which are taken into account in the calculation, different in the form of systems. For a close assessment, you can use the instructions of various instructions. However, such an assessment often leads to very different results. For the purpose of the information, we give a method of approximate determination of the size of the width of the wall taken into account in the calculation, according to the instructions. This should be considered not as a recommendation, but only as an example of the assessment, since in the paragraph “length, which is taken into account and measured on both sides of the middle surface”, only the smallest of the following values ​​is given: to the nearest window or doorway. When calculating the shifting load on the joint of the longitudinal and transverse wall, the first restriction is considered.

In accordance with the maximum deflection (horizontal, shift) of the bearing system, the height of the building above the ground level cannot exceed the maximum value) until it is proved that as a result of the exceeding this limit value of the deflection, the functional properties of the building will not deteriorate and the structure will simultaneously remain satisfactory with a satisfactory point of view of bearing capacity.