Waterproofing wooden buildings

The tree is very susceptible to the appearance of fungi and subsequent decay and destruction, the root cause of which is often insufficient waterproofing. The high humidity of the room is dangerous for health, so when erecting the foundation, it is worthwhile to worry about this.

First of all, it is necessary to isolate the penetration of moisture from the foundation to the walls and the foundation itself from rain and groundwater itself.

The appearance of moisture on the walls indicates poor -quality processing of walls and ceilings, so the main efforts should be made on isolation between the foundation and walls, since it is concrete that is a conductor. The metal structures used are treated with anti -corrosion drugs, but this will not save from moisture penetration.

In all cases, it is necessary to carry out waterproofing, most often there is a replacement of coatings of the necessary elements, or the use of durable waterproofing partitions that are installed between the foundation and overlap. Moisture -resistant partitions must be of high quality and made neatly.

Materials for waterproofing are used mainly such as bitumen, tar and plastic, because they have good water -repellent properties. You can use ready -made dry mixtures, cement lugs. They are obtained by adding various fillers to the solution, for example, liquid glass. The insulation layers should have sufficient elasticity due to the fact that the process of the soil or deformation during operation is quite possible. If there is a high probability of large changes, then it is better to use it is not a putty, but isolation based on bitumen, only or roofing material.