Polyurethane floor covering

In the construction industry, changes are constantly taking place, new more advanced and convenient for the final consumer are replaced by outdated technologies. One of their areas of application of original construction technologies is still the arrangement of sexes within industrial facilities, since large production areas need a qualitatively prepared flooring, which houses important nodes and mechanisms. The workshops carry out complex technological operations that determine the activities of any enterprise. The creation of the necessary conditions for the work process is determined, first of all, with increased requirements for all aspects of production, in particular to the arrangement of the floor base. Ideal industrial flooring is a special polymer layer called polyurethane coating or epoxy protective layer. The floor polymer layer includes high -quality resins. In fact, bulk flat floors are polymer surfaces without seams that have unique properties. It is the quality of the seamless polymer technique that determines the demand and competitive positions of the original innovation in the market of high -quality flooring. One of the industrial varieties of the polymer composition is the polyurethane floor, which is very in demand and popular in the field of equipment of numerous warehouse structures of the agro -industrial complex and industry. The advantages of polyurethane coating are extraordinary strength, neutrality to the effects of aggressive environments, the ecological component, fire safety, resistance to mechanical strokes and vibration, immunity to dust accumulation, long service life, increased thermal protection, etc. The epoxy flooring of the floor also has excellent qualities, which is characterized by high operational parameters presented for rooms closed from the external environment. An ideal epoxy layer allows you to ensure compliance with sanitary-hygienic requirements, as well as protection against harmful solutions and media, oils and solvents.