What and how to do when repairing?

What is an apartment renovation? These are mountains of garbage and dirt. But, if you drove into a new apartment, and you really wanted to redo everything to your taste, then you should survive this process. Distribute everything in the stages, in what sequence everything needs to be done.

1. This is changing the whole wiring.

2. Absolutely all pipes are changing, but very carefully, so as not to be mistaken.

3. If you consider it necessary, change and heating systems.

4. A screed is necessarily constructed, it serves to align uneven surfaces of the floor.

5. Change the windows (unless of course you really need it).

6. We look, if necessary, then we seize the seams.

7. We align the surface. Align the walls with plaster. After, we process all the surfaces with putty, we wipe it all and apply a primer. We select a particularly good primer for the bathroom, this will help when it will be necessary to lay the tile.

8. After all these works are done and everything is dry, we lay the tiles in the bathroom and in the toilet (optional).

9. The next step is to paint the ceilings and walls. If there is no desire to paint the walls, then we glue wallpaper on them.

10. We install plumbing.

eleven. Bed on the floor coating (linoleum, parquet, marble).

12. Put the door boxes, and then the doors, this is the last stage of repair work.

And so, when everything is ready, all the work is finished, all the garbage is cleaned and already in a clean and completely new apartment, we make furniture. That is, we decorate the apartment to your liking, furnish, everything you want. We live and enjoy.

A single minus is that it is difficult to make a repair with your own hands, since you are not a professional in your business and you can do a repair for several months. The easiest way to order a team that will take up the repair and in a week, you will not even remember that you had a repair at all.

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