What kind of construction beast this renovation and the basis for its implementation

Well, here we have reached such a type of repair, which during the years of perestroika had the form of quality work and material for wealthy people. Today this is no longer the basis for changing your housing, since this includes a set of all work in order to complete the replacement of the entire appearance along with its design and the use of technologies with the highest quality material.

Renovation is aimed at creating a stylish house with modern interior topics, where there is always a design of a design project, taking into account all personal wishes. This does not help to choose individual specialists for work, but the entire team of masters together with the foreman will collect quickly, and the boss will immediately know the technological nuances of the material with the deadlines and the sequence. By the way, you know that now they often began to use siding under the log, usually it is used by experts.

Such repairs should not be entrusted to individuals, since everyone will be interested in their function of the work process, where all other experts are not taken into account.

Exactly compliance with the basic rules of complex moments are still needed, where unnecessary coatings are immediately dismantled along with doors, windows and other analogues.

After such a bulky process, mounting all pipelines begins, where the wiring later changes, and then partitions are placed. Then the work will continue the draft type of deposits, where, together with the installation of doors and windows, the wall plaster, pour the screed on the floor and all the ceiling design. The next step in European repair will be the device of types of ceiling, wallpaper walls, or their painting, and then tiles are placed along with many flooring options for the floor.

The final of the repair here is installation work on built -in furniture, and the result is a new space with a unique type of each part and the desired accent. You just have to add individual objects here and enjoy the durability of such a handsome man in everyday life.