What to choose wall decorations in the bedroom: wallpaper or paint

The most popular finishing materials for the sleeping room are wallpaper and paint. If there is a need to choose between two finishing materials, the question arises, and what properties they have? Paint – a material that relatively recently began to be used as a finishing material for living rooms. It became possible to use paint for staining the walls of residential premises after new types of colors, the basis of which became not toxic substances.

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The advantages of staining walls include the following:



Long service life.

Obtaining saturated shades.

Couples can pass through the walls.

The disadvantages include only the need for good surface preparation, which is quite expensive.

Almost all of personal experience know about the features of the use of paper wallpaper, so we define the distinguishing features relative to coloring with paint:

The process of gluing wallpaper is much cheaper and easier than painting.

The use of this finishing material does not require the preparation of the wall, since wallpaper can hide defects.

The ability to visually increase the space when using wallpaper with a correctly selected pattern.

A stream to say about the superiority of one method of finishing over another is not possible. However, it is worth considering that painting walls (if there were wallpaper before) for many to become the first step on the path of creating a unique design.