Decorative wall decoration. Types and methods of wall decoration

To improve the condition of the walls and improve their appearance, there are many different ways. Decorative plaster is an excellent method of improving the external indicators of walls. The method has gained popularity recently, respectively, and masters of this business is not so much.

Decorative plaster can be used both on the walls and on the ceiling. The quality and type of decorative training individually depends on the skill and imagination of the specialist. The plus of this method is the ability to cover any area with plaster. At the same time, the method allows a large field for fantasy, which opens a large range of colors and types of finishes received. When compared with wallpaper where the picture is repeated on each roll, then decorative plaster excludes the repetition of reliefs and patterns. This means that every square centimeter of the wall will be unique and not like the rest of the wall, while observing the color format.

The treatment of plaster is one of the most important requirements for a specialist. The specialist should know the behavior of his working material, know the proportions of mixing and recipes for achieving optimal stucco density. This significantly affects the time of work and the quality of the picture, because the plaster quickly dries up.

Venetian plaster – one of the types of decorative wall decoration. Performing the Venetian decorative plaster, the impression of a stone is created. Which is great for the decoration of zones near fireplaces, baths and outer walls. Decorative plaster allows you to cover walls in a variety of style or apply a certain pattern, but also apply a certain relief or just cover the wall with one color.

In general, decorative plaster will allow you to cover the wall of any complexity, while replacing any materials in decorative solutions. Give the form to the walls no worse than the wallpaper and without seams, cover the wall as if it is laid out of brick or lamp stone. Will help equip your home in different style and color, make it more comfortable and warmer for life.