When the foundation of buildings requires repair

Homeowners very often have to deal with the problem of repairing the foundation, which manifests itself in its settlement. At the same time, cracks of different sizes appear on the blind area. To evaluate the nature of the drawdown (constant or temporary), you need to stick a paper tape on the crack itself and write the date of this sticker on it.

Systematically control the state of this tape, and when you see that the tape will soon begin to burst, exhaust the pit at an angle of about 40-45 degrees near the columnar or strip foundation. It is necessary to insert a metal or asbestos pipe into a dug hole with a diameter of about 19-22 millimeters and pour a solution of cement or concrete.

Two days later, the filling must be repeated, and then again glue the beacons of the tin on the crack. If when checking this beacon it becomes clear that the drawdown was temporarily suspended, then in the option with the foundation columnar around the pillar it is necessary to open a groove of 0.28×0.35 meters, and then, putting the boards on the very bottom of the ditch, build the rampage around the rampage. Reinforcement must be done, and pour concrete on top and mix it with gravel. Also foundation cracks indicate the deformation of the house itself.

To select the optimal method to strengthen the destroyed foundation, before starting the repair, it is necessary to understand the nature of the destruction. In the event that the strip and columnar foundations began to collapse everywhere, you need to dig a trench around the entire perimeter of the house, as well as clean the lining or old plaster from the foundation and perform the formwork. The foundation can be increased by pouring trenches with concrete. After the concrete grabs, the trench needs to be buried and valued.