Which linoleum is better to choose for the kitchen

If you decide to start repairs, then take care of buying good and high -quality materials, because it depends on them how long you will please you.

Especially popular floor coverings used in the kitchen are linoleum and ceramic tiles. But ceramic tiles are a rather expensive material, unlike linoleum. Currently, the market presents a huge variety of linoleum, different colors, textures and wear resistance.

Wear -resistant linoleum is the most common, polyvinyl chloride is used for its production. Such linoleum is made of synthetic polymer, plasticizer and the necessary pigments that give Linoleum this or that color. How strong and wear -resistant depends on its thickness. The following gradation of the wear resistance of linoleum is used in the construction sector: weak, normal, high and very high degree. When buying linoleum, it is necessary to see a special marking, which will mean a particular degree of wear resistance: C (weak), N (normal), B (high) or O (very high).

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If you choose linoleum for the kitchen, then linoleum with average wear resistance will be quite enough. If you have heavy furniture in your kitchen, then it can ruin linoleum with its legs, so in this case it is better to choose a linoleum with a substrate that is made of artificial felt. Even if something heavy falls on such flooring, such as a cast-iron pan, then there will be no cracking, chips or other damage, since it will be able to damp a mechanical blow.

Until recently, linoleum with a soft substrate was boring and uninteresting, since its design was not given due attention, but over the past few years the situation has clearly improved, which is why many now prefer this type of linoleum.