Safe and protective double -glazed windows

Safe and protective double -glazed windows will be perfect for the office, as they are strong enough and able to withstand strong blows.

Consider the reasons why the glass can be destroyed. These are thermal load on glass. They are always present due to warming up the glass with the sun and the temperature change on the street. Blows by various items. Simple glass does not withstand strong enough strokes and breaks. Also, due to the load associated with the deformation of the building, which is due to its design, and it is not difficult for the rapid buildings or bricks. These are the most common factors and are the main reasons for the destruction of glasses.

Tempered glass is a glass subject to special heat treatment. The main advantage of such glass is that when it is destroyed by fragments, you cannot cut. If the double -glazed window is broken, then it crumbles into very small fragments, the edges of which will be emptied. Tempered glass glass packet can calmly withstand the fall of a bag with a lead fraction weighing 45 kg from a height of 1200 m. Glass thickness in such double -glazed windows 4 mm.

Triplex, or multilayer protective glass. This glass consists of several layers that are connected using a polyvinylButial film or multicomponent photopolymer. This film has high protective properties. The layer of this film is very elastic, this helps to increase the resistance to various mechanical influences, that is, the double -glazed window, as it were, “bends” when impact. If the double -glazed window is broken, then the fragments will not scatter in different directions, but will remain on the polymer. Triplex glass has a high level of sound insulation.

Gag. Here a special protective film is glued to the finished glass, which, when the glass destruction, will prevent scattering of fragments. What is a protective film? This is a roll material that is made from Lavsan or polyethyleneterftalate. Since this film is quite stable with mechanical influences, it is also able to strengthen double -glazed windows. The strength of the film during the break is 24 kg/mm2. Creating websites of companies specializing in the production of double -glazed windows allows us to get enough information today and make the right choice for ourselves.