Wooden double -glazed windows: heat and comfort

You would like to protect your house from the cold, and at the same time to make the interior cozy? Then you need to buy wooden paired windows, they are simply perfect for capital buildings. They are made from a massive pine of the highest variety of the northern regions of the Russian Federation. Thanks to the design of the frame, the gaps between the phrama and the box are excluded. On the window blocks, on which locking and rotary accessories are installed, a drainage system and drainage system is supposed to. Wooden windows are a window structure of several opening wings, which are combined in one window block, where their name came from – paired. This solution will help to more effectively use the entire window area when ventilating or installation work.

They never lost their popularity, even contrary to many myths about the rules for caring for them and operation. And the wholesale sale of wooden double -glazed windows has long become a tradition. Let’s figure it out.

So, they say that the frame of a wooden window is quickly wears. As a rule, it will be perfectly preserved, subject to lubrication of all moving mechanisms every two to three years and checking the window fittings. Then the frame will remain in perfect condition.

Is it true that detergents can ruin a wooden window? Yes, you should not use the glass and panels for washing only detergents with a high acid content so that there is no corrosion of wood.

Do I need to paint wooden windows every year? This is another myth. After all, if the windows are properly insulated, you will not need to paint the tracks left from paper and fabric every time. Wooden windows are perfectly insulated with rubber seals for wooden frames that will not miss cold air, and you will not have to update the windows annually. These simple tips will extend the life of your windows, making your life a joyful and carefree for a long time. After all, wooden windows, according to statistics, retain their functionality and appearance without repair for about 25 years. But with competent operation – even more..