Wooden windows out of competition

If we conduct a survey of residents on the choice of materials from which they would put windows for themselves, we will get the result: PVC windows, wooden windows, aluminum windows, windows. PVC windows occupy a leading position only thanks to their cheapness, simplicity of care, production speeds. But none of the people surveyed began to deny the positive aspects of high -quality wooden windows. As well as wooden windows, a chair bag Krasnoyarsk is in great demand in modern markets.

First of all, it is the environmental friendliness of materials, the duration of the life and social prestige of the owners of wooden frames. For the manufacture of modern window frames, both wood arrays and glued beams are used. Glued timber has increased resistance to moisture and strong temperature changes, and also gives way to processing.

The decisive role in the production of wooden windows is played by the preparation of a wooden timber. The choice is stopped on a tree where the highest possible knots, chips are well dried. It is such a tree to allow to perform a window efficiently and will not be deformed in the future. And it is precisely such windows that are called breathing.

In addition, when glazing window frames made of wood, double -glazed windows are used, which are used in the manufacture of windows from PVC. Respectively, noise – and thermal insulation at the same level. A number of advantages can be replenished and used fittings. Their functionality today knows no boundaries. Thus, windows made of wood are not comparing with PVC windows, they have a whole list of advantages over other materials. The only negative is a high price.