The wooden floor in the bathroom can be

If you think that a tree with water is eternal enemies, then you can already debunk such a delusion. Today, technologies allow you to apply a parquet board in this place, which is all made of Merban.

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Such an amazing tree absolutely does not rot, and also calmly treat the attempts of mold or fungus into its structure. Damage and moisture are not afraid of him, and in order to improve protection, a special type of glue is used. It is applied to a concrete screed, and acrylic mass is still hermetically fixed by the parquet around the perimeter.

After laying, everything is processed with oil – wax mixture. There are general rules where the floors should not constantly be in water or puddles, so you can put a rubber rug, and the coating is also updated with time using a grinding grill and our mixture.

Laying such a parquet is done using a gear spatula, which is in an upright position when working and serves to uniform distribution of glue on the surface. The boards already have click connections after the bet on the lock, they all turn, and then pressed into the pillow of glue. A hammer and a lining bar will help you make a fit. Then the seams are filled with acrylic mass, but before that the edges of the external surfaces are glued with tape. Then a roller with a short pile is taken, and your floor is covered with a mixture of oil and wax. Such a procedure takes place several times, and the remains must be carefully removed.