You can use piles for piles

Reduce to the value of the depth of the pit or the depth of water. In addition to the necessary height, the Cooper must have a carrying capacity sufficient to raise the hammer and piles of the given mass. Otherwise, to install piles under the Copera, you have to use cranes. When choosing the type of copra, you should also take into account the direction of immersed piles. To clog the inclined piles, the structure of the copra must provide the required

In the post -war period, many sectors of the production of building materials and products were re -created, primarily collection, reinforced concrete, various wall blocks, as well as ceramic products for wall cladding, roller materials, gypsum dry plaster, special types of cement, polished glass, foam glass, large blitches, asbestos -cement pipes and facing plates, mineral wool products, artificial light aggregates, eanitarian equipment, household items, etc.

The essence of the party’s agrarian policy at the present stage of the development of our country lies in an integrated approach to the development of agriculture and the sectors serving it, the subordination of their unified goal is to reliably provide the country’s population with food products, and the industry industry agricultural raw materials.

In May (1982.) The Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU, which approved the food program of the Russian Federation for the period until 1990., It was emphasized that the satisfaction of the life needs of Soviet people was and remains the most important program requirement of our party.

Kopov is less than the universal rail, and usually it ranges from 8. .12 m (sometimes up to 16 m).

Copy arrows hung on excavators and taps provide a few piles from one parking lot of the car. Used as hinged (watch an article at number 8.5), so the suspended arrows. Such attitudes also have great maneuverability.