For the construction of large settlements, modular technology is optimal

Some most unambiguous technology for the production of panel, modular or frame houses does not exist. There is just a set of engineering solutions that allows you to create a particular production, only technological solutions for each plant can be different. The parameters of the plants are completely dependent on the choice of a particular technology, its production capacity and the degree of factory readiness to equip the house. We will compare the characteristics of the key parameters in the organization of production (take a typical factory with a capacity of about 150 thousand square meters per year).

Without a production base

The construction of frame houses can generally do without a production base. In this case, components of houses and purchased materials are cut directly on the construction site for the required size, and the entire volume of work will be transferred to the place of construction. The material comes in the form in which it is sold. The only requirement for ensuring the accuracy and quality of construction is that the board is calibrated by the section. On the site itself, a place is organized for cutting this board in size. And from the blanks and all the designs of the house under construction are collected. This method is characterized by a minimum amount of investment and a longer construction of the construction itself.

It is also possible an option in which the details of the house will be made in the factory. During the organization of the production site, it is necessary to allocate a heated production premises and organize a site in it to prepare parts. In this case, a set of parts will be delivered to the construction site, and the frame is assembled from it on the spot. The creation of a site for preparing parts in size due to automation will achieve maximum performance and low non -production costs. Using the maximum readiness of the details, both the assembly speed of the house itself and its final quality will increase. The following will be considered the option of erecting frame houses using the production site.