Advantages and disadvantages of “warm floors”

The system of electric “warm sexes” can be performed by means of cable, thermata and film systems. Heating mats belong to cable thin systems. They should be laid in a layer of tile glue or in a thin screed. Thermal mats are inexpensive enough. They are attributed to systems having an average price.

Thermometers are quite easy to install. They can even be put on their own using the recommendations that are set forth in the instructions. Thermal mats are convenient due to the fact that by purchasing one set, you can cut the mounting grid and lay it only in the right places. But it is important to remember that you need to cut only the mounting grid, not the cable.

Thermometers, in addition to advantages, have disadvantages. They are contraindicated in rooms with massive furniture (washing machine, heavy cabinets). In addition, thermometers can only be used for a certain flooring (stone, tiles or porcelain tiles). In addition to warm floors, you should take care of the wall decoration. HB paint is perfect for painting concrete walls.

Not so long ago, a film floor appeared on the market. This system consists of a moisture -resistant and strong film consisting of a polymer. This is a more heat -resistant and flexible system, in addition, also super -thin, having a thickness of 0.3 mm. Such a system has many advantages. Such floors in operation are economical, quite easy to install. The screed is completely unnecessary, they are mounted directly under the flooring. This is a big plus. Film floors can be laid under any floor covering – both laminate and parquet. Long -wave radiation that comes from them positively affects people’s health.