Brick or wooden house. Dilemma.

This article will be especially useful for those who want or plan to buy or build a house of their dreams. Therefore, let’s try to decide which house it is better to choose – from brick and stone, or you should pay attention to an ecological house from wooden brings?

Let’s start by counting the cost, since the economic issue is often in the foreground for future new settlers. A wooden house will cost the owners much cheaper than the construction of a similar house, but from stone. But the tree, as building material, has significantly fewer architectural solutions than can be realized from brick and concrete.

Therefore, it is worth determining all the pros and cons, before starting construction.

From the advantages of wooden houses, it is worth noting the low thermal conductivity of the walls. Therefore, there will be less costs for heating the house in the winter or for cooling in a hot season of the year. In such a house in the summer it is always colder, and in winter it is warmer than in a brick house. But in any case, home comfort will always reign and a pleasant smell of needles and forests will be felt.

Of the shortcomings, one can note the fragmentation of wood, which is very susceptible to environmental effects – fungi, microorganisms and insects. And also, very limited fire resistance of wooden houses, which greatly affects the safety of its inhabitants and own property, which is located inside or near the house.

For houses made of stone, high thermal conductivity is characteristic – the absence of breathing walls, which very much binds to the surrounding climate of the territory where such a house has been erected. And significant costs for creating a comfortable microclimate of your den are needed.

But an integral and significant advantage of brick houses is that absolutely any decoration is possible, both the interior and the exterior of such a house. Therefore, if you want an original repair, you undoubtedly choose a stone house.

But the most important thing when choosing a material for building a house is your goal, the purpose of this house. If you plan to live in this house, then, of course, you should choose a brick house, if you want to build a country cottage, then the best will build a house of wood.