Channels, gutters and concrete trays – mandatory elements of a drainage drainage

With an increase in the construction of new apartment and country houses, the demand for a concomitant product has increased. For example, each residential building should have a drainage, therefore, there is a need to buy certain materials and tools to create it. This led to the emergence of many companies engaged in the production of such products. However, only some of them can provide goods of good quality and at an affordable price. One of them is the company “Aquate”.

It began its activities in April 2006 as a distributor of a large global manufacturer of surface water system systems. Next year, it was registered by the Aquacles trademark and the scope of activity was expanded. This company organized independent design and production of drainage trays. At the same time, new branches were opened in many cities of Russia. More information about the development of this company can be read on its official website located at

Aquacles constantly expands their activities, offering customers new products and equipment. At the moment, it implements the following types of goods: concrete trays of drainage, plastic drainage trays, point drainage, cast -iron rainers, plastic and cast -iron hatches, cast -iron lattices, lattice flooring and much more. The full list can be viewed on the official Internet portal.

To date, the Aquasta company is a close -knit team of professionals who are engaged in their favorite business and make all their forces to fulfill their tasks. Thanks to large production facilities, this organization is able to solve the problems of almost any complexity in the field of landscaping and sanitation.