Danal fans: main advantages

Air is the most basic that a person needs. To date, fans are found both in residential and industrial premises. In addition, they are installed in supermarkets and offices. There are several ventilation options.

Modern fans are divided into roof and channel.

If we talk about the shape of the canal fans, then there are square, round and rectangular. Devices are mounted in the ventilation system – duct. The channel fans are a structure made of a motor, a centrifugal wheel with curved blades and a body of plastic or metal.

The features of the canal fans can be called a fortress, noise protection and aesthetic appearance. They have wide functional features and a wide range of use.

Channel fans differ and ease of installation. They are attached over a hinged ceiling. In this case, the mounting position can be any.

The fans are durable and reliable.

The most important thing is that they do not create noise during work.

Canal type fans do not need technical inspection and maintenance. If cleaning is required, then it will be carried out very easily.

Fan installation can be carried out even in wet rooms. They are not afraid of moisture.

The devices are small. Due to this, they can be mounted in ventilation systems of any type.

The advantages of duct fans include universality.

What is the unique electric motor that is used in the duct fans?

They are equipped with an external rotor electric motor. Launching the device, the rotor moves around the starter. This type of structure makes it possible to achieve maximum accuracy and balance during assembly. The engine with an external rotor provides high -quality cooling during operation. This is reflected in the service life.

Used ball bearings make it possible to work at a temperature of –15 ° C. Working time can reach 40,000 hours.