Emotion Impronta ceramic tiles

A few years ago, the Impront (Italy) factory presented a new series of ceramic tiles – Impronta Italgraniti Emotion. Tiles from this collection are very comfortable dimensions, 24×55 cm. Thanks to these sizes, the tiles are great for decoration of bathrooms, regardless of their size.

Using the tile from the E Motion Impronta series, you will achieve an amazing atmosphere in your home. This is facilitated by the effect of “complete immersion in color” – a special development of Italian masters. This effect can be obtained using pastel colors and other delicate shades. It’s not only nice to look at such tiles – it helps to relax. Empronta ceramic tiles will make your bathroom incredibly comfortable and beautiful. You can purchase such tiles on the online online. ru.

Italian tile Emotion Impronta makes it possible to achieve an atmosphere of romance in the bathroom. At the same time, the room is trimmed with the latest fashion trends. Among the design ideas, especially attracting attention, it is worth noting the motive of the translucent cell. Tiles with such a pattern gives an amazing effect. If you choose such a tile for the decoration of your bathroom, then its walls will look like a soft canvas, they will look like tissue.

A variety of designer solutions are used in the Emotion Impronta tile series. The brightest of them were ceramic mosaic and large -scale tile panel. In this collection you will find from white clay tiles, in six pastel colors. The addition to it is a tile for a floor of porcelain tile, 34 × 34 cm in size and a suitable color. Many of those who have already acquired Emotion Impronta tiles believe that the most optimal color combinations are White-Pink and Beige-Brown.