Facade decoration of the house with siding and stone

There is a wide variety of facade decoration on the market of finishing materials. Choosing the necessary material for your home from this abundance, you need to focus on its advantages

The main characteristics that many are guided by are thermal insulation properties, durability, aesthetics and, of course, price. Consider the main types of facade finishes based on these characteristics.

Siding popular today – the material is quite durable. Its main advantage is ease of assembly and relatively low cost. In addition, when decorating a house with this material, there is the possibility of additional wall insulation. Siding panels are vinyl, wooden and aluminum. A rich selection of material from which siding and a variety of colors will make the house beautiful and create an original design.

A significant drawback that siding does not tolerate sunlight poorly and fades over time. Another finishing material-stone has the natural properties of heat accumulation and cooling in hot weather. The stone is undoubtedly very durable, durable and practically does not require care. In addition, the exterior decoration with a stone will always ennoble the house and make its appearance luxurious. The disadvantage is a high price: in addition to buying the material itself, which is not cheap, you will need to hire professional decoration masters.

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