How to fill in a qualitative foundation?

In the construction of your own home, the main thing is a high -quality and reliable foundation. It will depend on how you plan to pour the foundation that the house will be supposed to go, and the door and windows will not be skewed over time. Hacking and saving when creating the basis for the building cannot. Indeed, in the future you have a risk of spending much more funds and efforts on creating a destructive foundation.

Now we can note certain special rules for pouring the foundation, which I would like to consider.

It is impossible to start when building a foundation layer immediately, first it is necessary to draw a number of worries. All these actions are quite important, since when using such markings, the boundaries of the places where it is planned to build the base of the building in the future.

After that, you need to make sure that the marking is applied correctly, and only after that you can proceed to the next stage of work. Namely start digging a hole. And after these works they begin to fill the foundation directly.

Many houses try to build with the presence of a basement premises. It is very convenient, but it is very difficult to dig such a hole yourself. With an independent attempt to dig such a hole, it is unlikely that it will be possible to achieve a great result. And experts usually do not recommend doing such a job.

When creating the foundation, you must carefully calculate everything. It is very important not to try to save during such work. This is often fraught with unpleasant consequences and if you regret a little funds, there is a high probability of the need to arrange everything at the very short time.

After the pit is created, it is necessary to create a sand pillow, which will reduce pressure on the supporting structures. Excellent sand for creating such a pillow is river.

In order for the loads to be distributed over the entire surface, it is necessary to strengthen the reinforcement after digging the pit. And after pouring, the foundation is required.