How to finish the bathroom using plastic.

The tiles can be replaced with plastic panels, they are cheaper and look good. The panels can also be installed very quickly. You can easily choose the panels for yourself, the color scheme amazes with its variety, and durability is the most important parameter according to which the material is selected. Anyone can finish the bathroom with plastic panels, it’s very simple. You will need, of course, the plastic panels themselves. Most often, such panels are 25 centimeters wide, and three meters long. You also need a docking profile. It is needed to fix the angles and more smooth transitions. Better stock up on materials for the future. It is better to take a little more than then look for the panels of the desired color and size. For the frame we need guides made of wood or metal. Self -tapping screws, dowels and metal holders are needed for fastening. The tools that you will need during installation: level for mounting the frame, roulette, punch or drill, screwdriver, pencil with ruler, hacksaw, sharp knife. Before starting work, check if all the surfaces are dry, and only then proceed. The installation of the frame is very simple. The first thing to do is to mark the work surface, to outline the guides. After that, they need to be installed using a perforator. Then horizontal strips are attached to these guides. They must be leveled in order to avoid irregularities. You may also be interested in the repair of household pumps at a favorable price. The following after we have made the frame, you need to cut the panels. This must be done very carefully. It is better to mark everything first, and then cut the panels. You can cut them with a hacksaw or a construction knife. The bathroom needs to start to be finished from the ceiling, because plastic lies on the wall from the corner. Metal holders are attached to the docking panel, and then screwed to the frame with self -tapping screws. So you can simply install plastic panels in your bathroom, the main thing is to do everything carefully and accurately, then everything will work out.